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Somos una agencia de diseño web especializada en la creación de webs corporativas, tiendas online y aplicaciones. Desde que conseguimos acceso a Internet encontrar información relevante y comprar productos online ha sido cada vez más fácil. Y tan fácil, los usuarios tienen acceso a la información con la punta del dedo. El mercado digital nos ha llevado a la creación de portales, webs, aplicaciones para fomentar las ventas de nuestro negocio desde Internet. La realidad del mercado digital es que si no estás en Internet no existes.

Creamos tu escaparate digital y te ayudamos a que tu negocio sea encontrado en Internet. 

Si tradicionalmente un negocio vendía en ámbitos locales y tenía que desplazarse para ampliar mercado con Internet esto se ha acabado. Si bien el boca a boca sigue siendo una forma de conocer empresas y marcas, ya te decimos que puedes aumentar tus ventas en todo el territorio gracias a las páginas web.

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Corporative Web Design

We create corporate web pages for brands or companies using different content managers including WordPress, Shopify and Prestashop. We will create a personalized design following the identity manual of your brand so that your website is consistent with your current business.

  • Why must you hire us?

    Our websites are made to be self-managing, they contain tutorials so that you can do all the management of your website and you will not have to pay a monthly fee to keep your website available. Once the web is designed it will be completely yours.

  • WordPress

    We work mainly with WordPress since it is the most used open source CMS on the market and the most profitable when starting a business. However, if you have a preference for another content manager, you only have to consult our specialist.

  • Self-managed

    It will have the necessary tutorials so that you can manage your website without problems. In addition, you will have access to our support team so that we can help you in case of any inconvenience. You will have an internal help panel within your website so that you have us at hand for any problem. Remember that we are part of your team and we do not leave you alone in the face of danger.

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Increase your online sales with your personalized online store. If you have a business and want to start selling online, you can opt for a corporate website, but if you sell more complex products or services and want to do it automatically, what your body asks for is an online store.

Your online store will help you increase the presence of your brand and make it more professional. You will get a personalized design and we will help you with the creation of your store at a strategic, visual and positioning level.

  • Responsive Design

    All platforms, websites and stores have an obligation to the user experience and that is that it adapts to the devices they use. All our websites and stores are perfectly adapted to electronic devices.

    Keep in mind that according to surveys carried out by Statista, 60% of those surveyed stated that they made purchases via mobile and this is a reflection of the change that has occurred since 2016 in which only 29% of users purchased through mobile phones. smartphones. And the trend is still booming, so it is imperative that your website adapts to smartphone devices.

  • Self-managed e-commerce

    You will be able to manage your online store easily thanks to our tutorials and you will have access to our technical support team from your own website so that you can call us in case of doubt or technical problem.

    If your physical business already has an ERP, we link it to your online store so that you have your inventory aligned with your physical sales and thus not lose your mind with double the work. You will see statistics of your sales and you will have access to data such as users, countries and type of devices that your potential buyers use so that you can improve your marketing and sales strategy in the future.

  • Your online marketing team

    There is no doubt that sometimes running an online store can be hard and take up a lot of time. If you wish, we can be your digital partners to manage your online store and we will help you grow your business, increase your sales and have a smile from Monday to Sunday.

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App Development

Do you have an idea in mind and need an application?

Due to its highly personalized functionalities, a web application usually requires custom development. If you need to develop something unique such as a social network, a video game for your company, an education platform or any type of development with a high level of innovation and very specific requirements, we are the agency for you.

We will design your project taking as a priority what is really important with the aim of launching you on the market as soon as possible.

  • Web Apps

    We create the application you need for your business or to carry out your idea. Our developers are trained in the latest technologies such as React or NextJs to be able to create your project completely to measure and with completely solid foundations so that it can scale as it grows.

  • App Development

    Do you need an APP to take your brand to another level? We develop the application for Android or iOS that you are looking for. We will guide you through the entire process, we will develop it and we will upload it to the Play Store so that it is ready and available for download.

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Web Staging and Manteinance

We care about your security and your website. As a web design agency we feel obliged to entrust you with the best services and that includes having a functional website 365 days a year, which complies with the obligations of the data protection law and which is also not attacked or interrupted by malicious agents.

  • Web Staging

    We have a monthly maintenance service valued at €50, which you can pay monthly or annually so that your website is reviewed and updated every month so that it does not crash or interrupt your sales process. This web maintenance consists of updating plugins, databases and backup recovery in case your website falls into the underworld. We will be your guardian angels.

  • Hosting and Domain

    Our web development specialists will advise you to save as much as possible in hosting and domain costs and have the best one for your business. In fact, for each web contract that we manage, we include free hosting and domain for 1 year and we send you the metrics of mobile adaptability and web speed so that you can see that our hosting is not just any hosting but the best. A year, you will pay for hosting and domain once a year like any other but we doubt if you will be able to abandon us. We work with the best hosting on the market so that you can enjoy the highest possible quality at an unbeatable price.

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