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Being on the Internet is no longer an option. Did you know that your chances of increasing your visibility are reduced to 99.22% if you appear on the second page of results? Having a good SEO is not a matter of flooding your page with content but of having a strategy. At Agencia IND we are specialists in creating an SEO strategy that accompanies the user through states of consciousness to optimize the visibility of your website and conversion.

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SEO Consultation

When you have a digital business and compete in the market, you will realize in the short or long term that your website needs traffic to find you and that is achieved with strategy and by applying the corresponding SEO techniques. At Agencia IND we are SEO consultants and we can help you improve your positioning in search engines. When we start working on positioning projects, we carry out an internal and external study of your website, carrying out a web audit, a content review and, subsequently, curating the content for search engines. All this analysis is completed internally and externally in order to draw significant conclusions from your project.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    To start working on your SEO strategy, we need to carry out an audit of your website to find out where you are, where you want to go, what is the search trend and your competition. Positioning in search engines is not something fixed. On the contrary, it is completely dynamic. Every 6 months Google usually implements modifications to its algorithm and you have to constantly implement changes to continue being at the foot of the canyon. And that we have not told you that you can also receive attacks to reduce your reputation and your SEO positioning in search engines.

    In short, Google is the field of war and we will be part of your trench so that you obtain the first positions and find yourself on the first pages.

  • Web Audit

    We will start with an audit of your website, in which we will analyze the technical SEO, the SEO on page and the SEO off page of your website. So that you understand it in the language of the people, it means that we will check if your page has errors, we will analyze the usability, the indexing of your website, the internal linking, the current positioning and the traffic you get each month and its quality.

  • Content Review

    It is important that your website meets the needs that your target audience has and that is done through the creation of quality content. If your website has a lot of content that is not relevant to the user, you will not attract qualified traffic. It is very possible that you are oriented your strategy towards the wrong path and you may need to change the strategic focus of your project.

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Once we have seen what has to be improved, we establish the objectives that must be met within your website to improve your positioning in search engines and we prepare an entire action plan internally in which we will work on linking, indexing, external attacks and the metadata of each page of your website.

  • Web Content

    Your website must be positioned according to the search intention of your ideal client. At Agencia IND, we analyze, curate and implement a content strategy so that your website is positioned correctly and begins to increase its web traffic. This translates into enlarging content on your website that remains small to position and create content around keywords that are functional and modify keywords that do not serve you or that do not interest your target audience.

  • Internal Linking

    Navigation within your website is the most important thing and for this we have to make it easy for the user. The goal is for them to spend as much time as possible browsing your website. To do this, we will analyze the internal links and your web structure so that the user completes a clear and clean experience and navigation. We will reconnect the links that are not available and, thanks to the content strategy, we will have users spending more time on your website because we will offer them what they are looking for.

  • Structured Data

    Your website must have a logical structure with categories and taxonomies so that search engines understand the hierarchy of your website. Based on our keyword study, we will create a web hierarchy or modify it to improve your domain authority and the relevance of your content.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is completely essential for your website since with it we work on the loading speed of your website, the adaptation of your website on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and, if the urls of your website work properly, we will convenient redirects so your content is always displayed.

  • Website speed

    If you have ever analyzed your website in GTMetrix or Pagespeed and you have not reached 90 points, then your website is very slow. Thanks to the tools and new CMS we can make your page fly so that the user does not get tired of waiting for your page to load.

  • URLs Status

    The 404 error is the most frequent on the web. Sometimes modifications are made and the urls are not redirected so that the user can find them. When the user searches and gets the 404 error, it is because the urls have not been redirected. We avoid this problem by making proper redirects and removing broken urls to improve your bounce rate.

  • Web usability

    The user experience is everything on your website. It is super important that the user finds the contents of your website and the aesthetics adapted to their mobile device to navigate perfectly. As you can guess, the mobile is the most used device to buy online and, therefore, it is imperative that your website meets the needs of the user.

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In our SEO consultancy we also take care of taking care of your online reputation and the authority of your website. That is why after the audit and the creation of a strategy, the work does not stop there. We will carry out an external linking strategy so that different media and web pages point to your domain, we will increase your authority and protect your positioning from possible attacks.

  • Linkbuilding

    In the physical world when someone knew you it was through word of mouth. This is what is called link building in the online world. Get the media and businesses to echo your project or business by linking to your website and giving you part of their authority. As SEO strategists we will create a link building strategy for your website and increase your authority and positioning.

  • Domain Authority

    We will work on the domain authority of your website thanks to the content and the link building strategy. In Off Page SEO, we will work with tools such as SemRush, Ubersuggest or Ahrefs and we will be able to tell you how to improve your authority and positioning.

  • Blackhat attacks

    Attacks are very common when you start to position yourself and find that your competitor begins to link you from an unknown IP to web pages from another planet. Like all attacks, this can be solved with a head. Internet is the market where we want to sell and there is a lot of competition. It is logical then that things like this happen. Luckily, at IND Agency we are prepared to defend you from possible attacks that your website may suffer.

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SEO on Amazon

If you have considered selling on Amazon or are already selling. Attention!! Amazon is another search engine like Google and therefore it is feasible to do SEO. If you want to improve your positioning on Amazon and learn with us how to sell more in your store, we can help you. As an Amazon SEO Agency we can help you boost your sales and thus have a different channel to sell on Amazon.

SEO on YouTube

If YouTube is another of your communication channels and you want to monetize it but you don’t know how, we can help you manage your YouTube channel and make it appear in the first results. YouTube is just like Google and Amazon, yet another search engine, and therefore, it is possible that your channel will be more visible if you work on SEO positioning.

If you are a YouTuber, want to be, or your business has a YouTube channel and wants to achieve better results, we will be your SEO strategists in your most YouTuber facet.

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