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Have you considered using Outbound Marketing to grow your business? Cool. Go for it. We generate traffic to your website or social networks through payment campaigns in different channels. Our objective is that you get qualified traffic and that you can reach different segments thanks to channels such as Meta Ads, Google Ads, using programmatic advertising or creating a reputation through various social media.

Perhaps you have already realized that growing organically is a long-term job and that it requires a lot of work and patience. We can help you manage your paid campaigns and help you scale your business. So, by carrying out joint organic and paid growth actions, we will make your brand grow exponentially.

It is important that you know that paid campaigns do not produce immediate results either and that the only way to obtain results is by having a strategy behind our actions and constantly optimizing the campaigns.

What we are sure of is that we bring traffic to your website and we monitor the entire process to create a perfect campaign that generates results.

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Social ADS

Time to use social networks to another level. Using the paid advertising tools provided to us. At Agencia IND, we can help you generate paid traffic from social networks to your website or to your most relevant content. As you already know (and if you don’t or know, you’ll find out right now), you will have the possibility of us managing your campaigns in different communication channels.

Our team will study the best way to help you scale your business thanks to the different objectives proposed in these tools. We will tell you if your brand is prepared or not to achieve these advertising objectives.

  • Meta ADS

    Meta is already the reality of all those networks that belong to Mark Zuckerberg. Using the Meta Business Manager ad manager, we manage your campaigns and we will apply the objectives that you want to implement in your strategy. We will be able to create a paid presence on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and take them to the different types of content that the platforms offer us. We warn you that the best campaigns are those that are implemented with a strategy and an adequate budget. Everything will depend on your target audience, where it is located and what you want to sell. There are as many possibilities as services and products you want to sell. You will be able to remarket to a custom audience or an existing customer database. At IND Agency we will be able to bring traffic to your networks or to your website and show you that we can generate business thanks to good practices.

  • Twitter ADS

    Twitter is still today the social network that survives and that is not seen in return in too many changes like Instagram or Facebook. As in other networks, we will choose your audience, we will amplify the message so that you are discovered and we will establish a necessary budget. It all depends on the budget you want to use.

  • LinkedIn Ads

    Although the rest of the social networks may be more for B2C or B2B commercial purposes but perhaps in a more informal way. LinkedIn is consolidated as the professional B2B social network when it comes to talking about work and bragging about what we achieve with our brand or in our business. If your business is part of a very professional sector that may not be found on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, this is your site. Get leads and promote your company’s public relations thanks to LinkedIn Ads.

  • Tik Tok ADS

    And the Generation Z boom has arrived. It’s time to use TikTok to scale your business. Generation Z is flying towards TikTok and the Chinese platform has taken notice of it. Although for the more mature generations TikTok may seem like a place where people even dance to have a drink, the truth is that companies are beginning to consolidate their actions in this network. Keep in mind that Gen Z is the future and you may have to consider how to reach this age segment at some point. Even so, we already tell you that the rest of the generations such as the millennial or the boomer are already installing themselves on TikTok to achieve the visibility that other networks have taken away from them. Shall we do something viral?

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In addition to paid campaigns on social networks, Google offers us different channels to promote our services or products and of course, in different formats. As we have said, depending on what you want to promote.

Boost your business thanks to SEM campaigns, all fully integrated into Google Ads, where depending on the channel or the advertising format we can use different channels, including Google Shopping, YouTube Ads, search or display.

  • Google ADS

    If you want to promote your business with Google Ads, we can create a specialized campaign based on the search for keywords for which your business competes. As a marketing agency we will help you create a keyword research to appear on the search network, mobile or display.

  • Youtube ADS

    Another potential platform in which we use video as part of our content and advertising strategy. Video is currently the most consumed format and YouTube Ads is key for those companies that want to achieve great brand reach and branding. Surely you have seen more than one ad on YouTube and even if you have not clicked, you have found the brand on another channel and have recognized it. Conversion is one of the ultimate goals of SEM campaigns on YouTube Ads.

  • Google Shopping

    Promote your product portfolio on Google Shopping. You will get your products to appear at first sight with price and image in Google when searches related to product purchases are carried out. This result goes far beyond making search campaigns since we know that the person is looking to compare prices between products they want to buy. Google Shopping will help you promote your products and scale the sales of your online store in the Google SERPs.

  • Amazon ADS

    Did you know that Amazon has its own advertising platform and that you can promote your products in searches or categories. As an Amazon Ads agency we will help you promote your products or your entire brand depending on the objective we want to achieve. If you have a store on Amazon and want to increase your sales, advertising on Amazon is a “MUST” to scale your business.

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