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Did you know that Inbound Marketing tactics generate up to 54% more business leads? (Source Hubspot) You may not yet know what Inbound Marketing is, but for us it is the center of all our actions.

At Agencia IND we follow the Inbound methodology from the core of our actions. We put the customer at the center of our operations and we create a non-invasive marketing that allows users to find us based on their needs.

We will help you increase your web traffic and generate visibility thanks to content writing, your social networks and sending emails to your customers.
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Inbound Marketing

At IND Agency we prepare strategic marketing and communication plans with the intention of attracting the most qualified traffic for your company. This means no more attracting a huge group of people who are not interested in your business. Thanks to Inbound Marketing we work from strategic planning to attract quality traffic to your website and convert them into customers and then retain them. How does this affect your business? Well, Inbound Marketing has 62% less cost than traditional marketing (Hubspot).

How does it work?
Once we establish the key objectives of your business within the strategic plan, we will create a series of actions at different levels to create an entire omnichannel strategy completely oriented towards obtaining qualified Leads for sales.

Inbound Marketing projects, although they generate long-term results, obtain a better result than the rest of the actions that are specific or specific, since they aim to make our potential client stay with our face and create the best user experience, offering them value that the user will consider relevant during the purchase process.
If you want to achieve results and you think that Inbound Marketing is for you, we will become your strategic team to elevate your business.

  • Funnels

    Within Inbound Marketing it is very important to take into account the funnels. Perhaps you have heard about this but we assure you that it is as true as our day to day. In the inbound methodology, valuable content is created that aligns with the buyer’s stages and the user’s states of consciousness. It consists of not harassing, but making the user discover content as they go through our purchase funnel so that they never experience that we have meddled too much.

    That cold calling is quite annoying and users are in control of the information they want to obtain. If your product does not interest them, it is not worth it to continue spending money to get them to see it since they will not buy from you.

    Our team creates funnels based on the strategic plans we create to achieve a unique and comfortable user experience that turns your leads into customers.

  • Strategic plan

    It is useless to carry out actions if we do not have a plan. Results are achieved with strategy. At IND Agency we create fully customized strategic plans based on the status of the business and its target audience. In this plan we set the guidelines so that your brand or business is successful and does not remain in the attempt.

  • Buyer persona

    We constantly try to attract everyone’s attention and the truth is that…. MISTAKE. One of the things that you have to be clear about is that not because more people see you does this translate into sales. On the contrary, mon cheri… Ideally, you should lay the foundations of the target audience you want to reach and keep in mind who your potential customer is. We have the necessary tools to validate your buyer personas so that we can create actions that influence your potential customers. This saves money and generates return.

  • Hubspot: your Inbound Marketing tool at 100%

    In order to carry out an Inbound Marketing project, we use one of our favorite tools, Hubspot. Hubspot is an all-round CRM that helps you with lead management, customer service, web positioning and endless utilities. We can help you implement this CRM in your business so that you can start managing your new customers and offer them what they really need.

  • Lead Scoring and Lead Nurtuting

    Thanks to tools like Hubspot, we will be able to assess whether a visitor is ready to become a lead and from there to a customer. In this way, we can send you the content you need based on your state of consciousness.

  • We make funnels that sell

    The best part is this: When we create sales funnels, we do trial and error tests so that your leads don’t notice commercial pressure from you. We will try to create the mother of all funnels so that it generates sales automatically. Incredible true? Yes, there will come a time when we know the actions of your leads so well that we can guide them through the sales funnel so that they end up converting, that is, becoming a sale.

  • Results-driven

    Nothing to say that all of the above would not work without numbers. After each action, we collect data, improve and optimize our actions to make your brand take off in the market.

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Social Media

In today’s digital market, it is necessary to have a presence on social networks since we need to create brand awareness so that our business can be known. The best way is to start by having a presence on social media. Does this mean that Social Media is a person who is dedicated to uploading photos on the networks and that’s it? ERROR 404 NOT FOUND. Not at all, the management of social networks goes far beyond uploading random content to the networks. As we have mentioned before, everything must have a plan and objectives. To get your social networks to get results, you have to develop a strategy, study the market and create content that attracts your users.

  • Social Media Audit

    In case you do not have social networks, we already tell you that you are taking time. If you have, congratulations. Now let’s start creating our foolproof plan. Before acting or undertaking actions on the networks, it is necessary to know where your business is located on a digital level and to know your competitors. That is why at Agencia IND we carry out an audit of social networks to know the starting point and your goal, our goal from now on. We analyze the trending content and that of your competitors, taking into account the results that the metrics show us in order to create the perfect plan.

  • Social Media Communication Plan

    If your brand or business needs a communication plan for the networks, we will be your scribes so that you have the best copy and perfect planning. This does not only mean writing the contents of your posts on Instagram, we are talking about defining the image of your brand and how it has to communicate with your audience.

  • Professional Social Media

    In addition to being an Inbound Marketing Agency, we manage your business’s social networks so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our network management does not only consist of planning content on a calendar and writing texts. We’ll manage your community, engage with your community, build real followers, and make impactful, quality content to engage your audience. We are your Social Media Agency and you know it.

  • Insights Reports

    Like every plan, nothing makes sense without metrics. A saved post, hundreds of comments and a million metrics to take into account depending on the communication channels where your brand is located. Once we start managing your networks, we will create reports so that you REALLY UNDERSTAND how our strategies work and we will show you the results with NUMBERS.

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Influencer Marketing

We are sure that the word influencer will ring a bell for you twice. The democratization of the networks linked to the opinion of these prescribers has made brands use influencers to advertise their brands. Have you thought about how using an influencer in your content strategy can benefit? Well, according to the most recent data, more and more users trust influencers thanks to their transparency when it comes to promoting products or running campaigns, which means the rise of influencer marketing actions due to the organic return that these actions offer.

  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    If you have considered using influencer marketing then you are part of the 84% of brands that plan to increase their actions with influencers in the future. To create the perfect campaign we will search for the right influencer. We’ll take charge of your search and manage the campaign from start to finish. We will take care of monitoring the actions between the brand and the influencer for the audience and we will carry out a prior selection process to assess whether what we need is a micro-influencer, macro-influencer or a celebrity. If you feel that implementing influencer marketing can be beneficial for your brand, leave it to us.

  • Influencer Agency

    If you are a content creator or want to become an influencer and create your own personal brand. We open the doors of Agencia IND. We want to support the creative community by helping you grow and find action with brands. We will not be an intermediary agency as such. We will help you promote your profile, create your Media Kit and the creation of your content. In addition, you will be part of our database to promote future synergies between our client portfolio and your brand. We will be part of your team and you will get strategic support and help in decision making, as well as in the creation of a content plan that aligns with your personal brand. We will not impose actions you do not want, we will simply be your compass towards the best brand experience.

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E-mail Marketing

Sending emails to our database continues to be one of the best ways to get business sales. Within our plans, you will find different options to increase your database and feed it with useful and relevant content.

We have the most used tools in the sector to carry out these actions.

  • Newsletter

    We will take care of designing, laying out and writing the communications with your audience to later send them through tools such as MailChimp, Activecampaign or Hubspot. Keep your audience informed of your promotions, give them content of weekly value and create a community in which communication is reciprocal.

  • Database Management

    Who has not ever clicked unsubscribe from subscriptions? It is very important to have an updated database to respect the GDPR and of course not to invest effort in actions that will not bring a return to your business.

  • Automation Marketing

    Currently, the audience is saturated with information, but E-Marketing has allowed us to create personalized messages based on the interests of our audience and thus be able to provide them with what they really need at the right time. We will create automated maps of your business so that your users do not receive irrelevant information. In short, email continues to be one of the channels with the best performance in marketing actions. According to data from the DMA, for every €1 invested in email marketing, an average ROI of €32 is obtained.

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