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Use the power of images and awaken the emotions of your audience through storytelling.

It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if it’s in video format already… Content is King, we agree on that but… Isn’t it really the audience that rules? In our audiovisual department we create content that attracts, entertains and impresses your audience. We work to create the best content for both social networks, advertising campaigns, advertising spots, corporate videos, as well as streaming content.

We work for freelancers, medium-sized companies and international companies helping them create effective communication through video and photography.

Telling a story with images is an unparalleled opportunity to boost business through creativity and storytelling, which is why we 100% recommend that you implement a video marketing strategy for your business.

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what we can do for you


You are aware that content is what moves people to take action and you are looking for a professional to do photo shoots for your business. At Agencia IND you will have the help of professionals who will create the necessary content to promote the services or products of your company.

  • Product Photography

    We do product photography for your e-commerce or for the platform where you sell your services. We create product photographs for brands that want to differentiate themselves in the digital market. Our product photos are creative, cutting-edge, and aim to attract, captivate, and sell. When you work with us, we will have 2 ways of working with products. You can send us the products and we will take the photos in our creative studio or, on the contrary, we can go to the place you indicate to take the photos. This will mean a change in budgets.

  • Social Media Photography

    Content on social networks is an important factor when making decisions when we interact with a brand. Photography will help you give context to what you sell thanks to the images. When we are called to take photos for social networks we are like the explosion of the Big Bang having ideas. We create pieces of content that best suit your business and we have a professional team that will do the impossible to generate quality content.

  • Corporative Photography

    What is a company without a good corporate context? No, we are not talking about the typical photo with a jacket suit, it is rather to place the corporate context of your company in images and that they serve as a letter of introduction. Corporate sessions can have many contexts depending on the sector and the type of activity you carry out. Put on your best clothes and we are going to give you exquisite and quality work.

  • Photography for events

    Our audiovisual production company has gone through events in different sectors from fashion, sports to the financial sector. We cover your event so that you receive the notoriety you deserve, have content for your attendees or use these photos in your communication channels or web pages. Tell us what type of event it is and we will cover your event where you need it.

  • Editorial photography

    We tell your story through visual narrative. We are your editorial photography agency. No, we are not talking about just taking a simple photo to put it in a magazine, we are talking about telling a story through narrative or through a creative concept. We have professionals who will help you bring to life the mental concept you have and bring it to reality.

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Video is the booming format today. Studies recognize that videos retain users and create a better rate of interaction on social networks. At Agencia IND, we have a specialized team to create content by professionals. Your business can make a difference if you use video strategically. We work the video format in different sectors and places. We will be able to create a story around your image and captivate the public with the best scenes or the best script.

  • Films

    We tell the story of your project, be it corporate, cultural, creative, educational or entertainment. Telling the world what your project is about is a matter of (insert word here). Whether your brand is memorable is a matter of whether or not it tells a story. Leave the ring of power in our hands and we will be the ones to complete this arduous task.

  • Shorts

    Fast, seen and unseen, but elegant and disruptive. On top of that, it has remained engraved in the minds of the spectators. Over time the content has gone from lasting on average between 30 minutes to less than 50 seconds. But does it have time to count everything in 50 seconds or less? I am afraid so my dear Watson. If you have come this far, it is time to be faster than the tortoise and less clever than the hare.

  • Aftermovies

    An incredible event, spectacular moments, the presentation of a new prototype of your product or anything that contains something hot to show, can be taken to the “after”. No, we are not talking about picking ourselves up at so many in the morning, but about giving the public a bite of that piece of cake that they missed by not attending and leaving them with honey on their lips. Surely next year you think better of it.

  • Corporativos

    Time to put on the tie, the suit, the dress and the corporate shoes. MISTAKE. We are in another era. We will show through the video who you are, what you do better than others and why they have to count on you in your project. The corporate ones, a little candy wrapped in gold paper to show the industry that you are in the market and most importantly, the dress code does not matter. Tell us who you are and we’ll get you out in your best clothes.

  • Campaigns

    Specialists in creating campaigns for brands, businesses and entrepreneurs. We will make the public stay in their tracks if necessary. We will seek the viralization of your campaign to create social, political or awareness impact. Send us an email and we’ll send you to the boss so he can tell you about his plan for world domination.

  • Drone

    Human beings have been dreaming for years of doing impossible things, investigating the bottom of the sea, climbing to the highest point on the planet, traveling to the Moon and flying. We create the best drone scenes thanks to our specialists creating videos or content from above, either through simpler drones or through FPV, so that when you see the video you feel like you’re the one flying. We could say that this is recording “with height” 😉

  • Streaming

    It’s time to show your face and prepare the ultimate live video for your audience. We broadcast your event, a gala, a fashion event, how you teach your followers to cook chili with soy, among many other things. Leave the technical specifications to us and the team will make your audience fall to their knees.

  • Content for Influencers

    You have a YouTube channel or you are considering starting a project but you need them to edit your videos or help you with the content calendar. We will be your most strategic and efficient video tool.

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